Our Club

Aberdeen Synchronised Skating is a club of creativity and high energy. We inspire you to live more by skating more. We offer skaters of all levels a place to explore and create, to build self-confidence and self-discipline. Come and connect with others who share a love of synchronised skating.


The Concept

We accept skaters of all ages and abilities, and there is a place for everybody  across our 5 teams. Our coaches provide skaters with the skills and training they need to go out and skate confidently as part of a team in competitions both nationally and internationally.   Our Club not only helps members improve their skating skills but also teaches them to work as a team and help and support one another.  We have seen some amazing friendships blossom amongst our club members and many truly feel they are not just part of a team but members of the Aberdeen Synchro Family.

The Atmosphere

Aberdeen Synchronised Skating club is based in the Linx Ice Arena at Aberdeen Beach. Our training session are held on Saturday mornings, Sunday Evenings and Tuesday Evenings, depending on which team you skate with. The environment in our classes is energetic, positive, welcoming and high energy. We love to skate, and you’ll feel it.
Team Zulu Skaters

The Energy

Each and every one of our coaches is passionate about skating. It’s a passion that comes through in every training session, bringing positive energy and excitement into every moment. You’ll leave our sessions feeling buoyant and more energetic than you felt when you walked in.